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What is a Kitty Clash?

When a player draws a Kitty Clash Card, they have a chance to take a kitty from another player. The player who drew the Kitty Clash Card is the “Attacker” and the other player is the “Defender” during the Kitty Clash.

Using Advantage Cards

The Attacker may choose first to play one of their blue Advantage Cards to gain an edge in the Kitty Clash. If the Attacker chooses to play a blue Advantage Card, the Defender may respond with one of their own blue Advantage Cards. Multiple blue Advantage Cards may be played in this alternating fashion.

If the Attacker chooses not to play any blue Advantage Cards, the Defender may respond with only one of their blue Advantage Cards. Once all of the chosen blue Advantage Cards have been played, the Kitty Clash begins.

The Kitty Clash

Each player rolls a die (or dice) and selects the single highest die they rolled.

If the Attacker’s die is higher than the Defender’s die, they have won the Kitty Clash and may take a kitty from the Defender. If the Defender’s die is higher than or equal to the Attacker’s die, they have successfully defended their kitties from being taken.

Using Play It Again Cards

A blue Play It Again Card may be used now if you lost the Kitty Clash. All played blue Advantage Cards will remain in effect.

After the Kitty Clash

Discard the Kitty Clash Card and all used blue Advantage Cards next to the Draw Card Pile face up.

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