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Game Set Up
We created our game to be fun and enjoyable by a wide range of players
. Set up is easy and game play is fun and interactive. Young players can enjoy our game as well as adults. A typical game of five rounds lasts about 45 minutes. Our Original Edition is suitable for 2-6 players.

How to Play

To start, each player selects three kitties from the clowder and places them face down in front of them. Players then roll a die to determine who starts. The player with the highest roll goes first and draws a card from the top of the black Draw Deck.


If a blue Advantage Card is drawn, keep it hidden from the other players and place it face down on the table in front of you with your kitties. Use this card to gain an advantage during a Kitty Clash.

If a green Kitty Clash Card or the Crazy Kitty Clash Card is drawn, follow the steps below for the Kitty Clash. If any other green card is drawn, follow the written instructions on the card and discard it next to the Draw Deck face up.

When a turn has ended, the next player (clockwise) draws a card from the top of the Draw Deck. The round continues in this fashion until a pink Sleepy Time Card is drawn.

How to Win

When a Sleepy Time Card is drawn the round is over. Players add up the points on their Kitty Cards. The player with the most points wins that round. Keep any unused blue Advantage Cards with you for the next round.

At the conclusion of five rounds of play the player with the highest total points wins the game.

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